Snow White

What are the essentials to have a Snow White themed bridal shower? It’s all about the colour scheme and props. This theme does not go towards the Disney version so if you want to go for this look is best to stay away from any Disney style props. In the picture below you can see it’s all about red and white. Emphasis on the sweets table, this is where you’ll be able to represent the famous “poisoned apples”. All the sweets can have the same red and white decoration.  

As for the actual party decoration, if it’s going to be a small gathering I suggest you bring out the silverware and make it look like a kings meal since it’s what goes with the theme, if it’s going to be a big gathering then I suggest to bring out the finger foods, anything that you know you can shape and decorate to look like food from the time, different style canapés for example. For props go for things that look from a magical snow forest with a dash of red here and there. White branches, lights, dangling stones 

I will like to let you know that I do not own these pictures and I got them from this blog  

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