So little time! 

So I almost let May pass without saying a word! Truth be told I have been super busy this month. I recently got a job, not in the planning business but it’s something I can use when I do. Anyways my time schedule is not so hard but the little free time I have left I use to spend time with my baby boy and when he is sleeping I study. I have started a new course, so now I will be doing 2 courses, hopefully I’ll be able to finish them this year. 

I  am currently working at a small firm in administration, let’s say I swim in papers everyday haha. But it’s fun, I get to meet a lot of people. 

Anyways I better get back to it! This was just as small update as what is going on in my life at the minute. Regarding Instagram, I’ve been posting weekly which gives me the excuse to put up 50+ In one day so I don’t flood everyone’s feed. If that’s is not working and you’d like to see more, leave a comment 😀 

Thank you for reading! 

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