Question answered

So I have been asked a question on how I spend time with my son.

I do dedicate time to him and I will share my schedule so you know how I do it, I don’t want to be one of those moms that does not spend any time with their children, I know some can’t but I do try to give him most of the time I have spare. I suppose my job does let me as well.

So I work in the morning from 8:30 -14:30 the rest of the day is for him. When he is taking a nap which at the minute they are lasting between an hour or two, that’s when I study law, or wedding planning, personal assistant course or even mess about looking at other blogs.  I also clean when he’s napping unless he’s napping on me, which he currently is due to his teeth coming out.
I don’t work weekends so my weekends are also for him, I try to not do any studying, just play time and play trips.
A big plus is that I have the help of my mother, without her I wouldn’t know what to do.

Apart from that I am a little disappointed because the masquerade ball wont happen, at least not yet. Too little time to plan a proper thing so now we have made plans to make a christmas lunch and a secret santa. At least its something. Anyways, apart from that there has been nothing interesting going on this week just a lot of paperwork.


As always Thank you for reading!!

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