…and I’m back

Yep, I know. I have been away for a while. A lot has happened, not going to go into detail but lets say that I was in a bit of a rough patch, but now that I have time to sit down I will write a little bit.

I decided to build up a website and have been doing my own templates, for those brides to keep track of what they need to do and what has been done already. There are many things one can miss but since it is taking FOREVER  to actually finish the website, I will share it here.
Look out for that new tab where you can find 2 templates. The latest I have been working on is a Wedding binder, which you will see soon enough.

I guess that is all I have to say for now.

One thought on “…and I’m back

  1. OMG Sarai! It’s amazing to hear from you and, wow, you’re a fashion designer/upcoming wedding planner that’s really cool. I’m loving your website, those social icon are gorgeous. I got engaged earlier this year so I’ll definitely be checking out your site for tips 😀 Take care! ❤

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