Honeymoon Destination – Ireland!

Here you’re never too far from the ocean, from golden beaches swept clean by the rolling waves, the views of mysterious smaller islands shimmering offshore, and quaint harbour towns with their hand-painted shop fronts and color-washed cottages. It’s easy to fall in love with Ireland’s charms and traditions.

If you are thinking of going or would like to go to the Emerald Isle, there are a few things you should know!

  • English-Speaking country. Fitting in and making friends is easy.
  • Breathtaking natural beauty, from the rolling green hills of Kerry to the golden beaches swept by the waves.
  • Rich history and culture, the history of Ireland is an important part of what makes it the country it is today.
  • Their currency for the Republic of Ireland is the Euro and for Northern Ireland is the Pound Sterling.
  • A top place to visit is  Kylemore Abbey, founded in the Kylemore Castle for Nuns who fled Belgium in World War I. The castle was originally built as a private home by Mitchell Henry as a gift to his wife.
  • Located just next to Kylemore Abbey is the Connemara National Park. Not only is this area beautiful to drive around, but there are some great opportunities to hike and trek through the Connemara National Park. The area is quite remote on the absolute West Coast of Ireland, but that just makes it all the more special.
  • Mullaghmore Beach in Sligo which is the quaint and charming seaside town of Mullaghmore. Many tourists pass by without knowing to stop and bypass this stunning seaside town – don’t be one of them!
  • Ashford Castle is the crowning glory of castle hotels – but there are also many other great castle hotels in Ireland that should receive equal praise.
  • An Ireland Honeymoon is an enduring experience that will stay with you forever!

Make your Honeymoon as memorable as your wedding day!


If you would like to see a theme, let me know through the contact me form!


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2 thoughts on “Honeymoon Destination – Ireland!

  1. My husband and I went to Ireland for our honeymoon and I must agree that it was beautiful!
    We are now planning another trip there to visit more places.

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