Things that will make you say “I wish I did that at my wedding”

1- Have the groom write a message to the bride on the bottom of her shoe the morning of the wedding.


2- Guest throw darts at balloons filled with paint attached to a canvas. You keep the art.


3- Make/buy an inscribed handkerchief for your flower girl that she can save for when she gets married.


4- Create a piñata for you to break open on your first anniversary filled with notes from your wedding guests.


5- Add a pop of colour on the tulle under your dress.


6- Have a live wedding painter capture your ceremony/reception space and your guests.


7- A wedding wheel with fun “prizes” for your guest to spin.


8- Arrange ceremony seats in a circular pattern around the couple so that everyone can see.


9- Give each table a song name or lyric. When their song plays, the whole table has to get up and dance. If you are doing a buffet dinner, the song could also be the table’s cue to get food.


10- Add pictures of your loved ones that have passed away to your bouquet, so they will be with you at your wedding.


11- Put photos of yourselves at different ages corresponding to table numbers for your guest to enjoy.


12- Leave fun facts about yourselves on the tables.


13- Instead of throwing rice…


14- A “Please call anyone but the bride” list of phone numbers for your wedding party to keep stressful, last-minute problems away from the bride on her wedding day.


15- Write each other love letters on the day of your wedding and seal them closed in a box with a bottle of wine. Open the box on an anniversary.


16- Include a space on the RSVP where guest can request songs to play at the reception.


17- Give guest to-go boxes so that they can take cake home.


18- Instead of asking for registry items, let guest donate to your honeymoon fund (also known as a nice way to ask for money as a gift).


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