Pick the right theme!

There are many themes you could have for your wedding, but which one is the one that suits you and your partner?

There are people who have known what their wedding would look like ever since they were small, I know because I am one of them, I know exactly what I want and how I want it.
So I will try to enlighten you on how to pick a theme for your wedding, one that suits you as much as your partner.
But why do you have to choose a theme? The theme will tie together the personal elements of your wedding and create a mood that will show who you and your partner are as a couple.

First of all you have to pick a venue, the venue will most likely be the reflection of you and your partner. If it’s in a ballroom or a destination wedding. When you picture your wedding where do you see it?

Secondly sit down and brainstorm ideas, the main things to consider are the hobbies and activities you enjoy together, favourite things in common like art or music.
If you both like a certain place then it can be general like all things France, or if you like a certain movie, a colour you both have in common, think of keywords that you both use.

Thirdly, ever since pinterest has been around, it has made visions so much clearer. It will be your best friend and it will clear any doubts, once you start pinning, you will realise what type of style you are most drawn too, I for example like to pin rustic themes which you can check out here.

I think that those are the main points to cover when picking out a theme.
You can always ask help from family and friends try to explain your theme once you have it, they will help add to your ideas.

If you still are feeling that you have gotten nowhere, then you might want to consider hiring the help of a Wedding Planner, that is part of the job after all. There are so many amazing wedding planners out there. Designers whose job is to help brides define their wedding style and design their weddings around it.

I hope that you find this information helpful.



How to know which dress is best for you

So you are getting married and its time to pick the dress. There are so many dresses to pick from, but unfortunately not all look so great. You have to know your body type, you could be tall and thin or hourglass figure, not all dresses will look good, so rather than spending time on trying things you like but get disappointed when you try them. How do you know what to look for without having to spend so long searching for that perfect dress.

Given that I have a bit of a fashion background I know a few things about what style suits who and I will share a little bit of my knowledge with you guys.

Lets start with the dresses.

This is the A line dress. Why is it called A-line? Well because it gradually widens towards the hem, giving the impression of the shape of a capital letter A. The term was first used by the French couture designer Christian Dior as the label for his collection of spring 1955. This style of dress suits mostly everyone  if you are pear shaped or apple, full figure or petite. it is the most fitting type of dress out there.


The Empire waistline Dress. A high waistline that cuts horizontally across the body, just below the bust. This waistline gives a long, slender look and excellent fabric drape in the skirt and allows for short, inconspicuous shaping darts. This waistline was popular in Jane Austen’s time. The outline is especially flattering to pear shapes, full figure, petite or apple shape wishing to disguise the stomach area or emphasize the bust. The shape of the dress also helps to lengthen the body’s appearance.


The Ball Gown Dress. This dress is long and formal, its fitted at the bodice with a very full skirt.  The ball gown shape has changed little since the mid-19th century. Its flattering on average height to tall women as the skirt visually cuts the body in half, its a very forgiving style hiding everything from the mid section, down.


Sheath Dress. In fashion, a sheath dress is a type of dress designed to fit close to the body, relatively unadorned. Unlike many cocktail dresses and the longer ballroom dress, a sheath dress typically falls around the knees or lower thighs.  It works well for hourglass figure ladies as well as petite and tall ladies.


Trumpet Dress. This style of dress fits closely to the body until mid hip then it widens gradually to the hem, resembling the mouth of a trumpet, hence the name. It is often confused with the mermaid dress but the trumpet flair from mid hip whereas the mermaid flares below the knee. This style adds curves on a straight figure or it can accentuate curves on a full figure.


Mermaid Dress. Mermaid, as the name suggests, means that the evening gown is shaped like a mermaid. It is form-fitting at the bodice, and the skirt is designed to resemble a mermaid’s tail in silhouette. So it fits closely from the chest to the knees then it flares out to the hem. Best suited for hourglass figure.

Of course there are others but these are the main ones you will find in every bridal shop.
I hope you liked the small insight.

Stay tuned for more bridal updtaes!

…and I’m back

Yep, I know. I have been away for a while. A lot has happened, not going to go into detail but lets say that I was in a bit of a rough patch, but now that I have time to sit down I will write a little bit.

I decided to build up a website and have been doing my own templates, for those brides to keep track of what they need to do and what has been done already. There are many things one can miss but since it is taking FOREVER  to actually finish the website, I will share it here.
Look out for that new tab where you can find 2 templates. The latest I have been working on is a Wedding binder, which you will see soon enough.

I guess that is all I have to say for now.


Hello there,

No, I have not forgotten to write, I was actually quite busy and did not have time to sit down 😦

So many things happened, between my son and me getting a cold and an impromptu visit to Barcelona (for business), my aunt arriving from Malaysia, it has been quite full.


I’m not going to talk about that any more, as promised, I took a lot of pictures from the event and it was quite wonderful, there were not a lot of providers since it was the first time this has ever been made and I guess there were a lot of companies that were scared that no one would show up.

Nevertheless it was great! As you know I have mentioned that I am part of a group of Latin Women (the link should be on the side bar) well we took the opportunity of the event to launch ourselves, it was quite successful, we have had 3000 visitors in just a week, which I believe is incredible (if you were to live where I do, you would know why) Our goal is to reach all Latin people around the world and to get the message across that it doesn’t matter if you are far from your country, you can still enjoy the traditions wherever you are.

Anywhoo, I will leave you with this gallery of pictures that I took at the event.

Thank you for reading!



Well hello there 🙂

This week I am super excited as there is this Pop Up that I will be going to this Saturday.
It is a Wedding Pop up, so now you can tell why I’m excited.

Where I live the closest Wedding Fairs I can go to are 2 hours away and in order to enjoy them, the drive back would be too late, plus I don’t like taking my munchkin out too late.
This event is a mere 15 minute drive from my house, so yep looking forward to it!

As I mentioned before I have created a group of Latin American Ladies and we will be presenting ourselves in this event, so if any of my readers, speak Spanish, please visit my other blog, which I share with all these wonderful ladies. If you don’t understand any Spanish, that’s okay, the pictures are pretty great too 😀

That’s all I have to say for now, I will post about this Saturday soon!!

As always thank you for reading!


Question answered

So I have been asked a question on how I spend time with my son.

I do dedicate time to him and I will share my schedule so you know how I do it, I don’t want to be one of those moms that does not spend any time with their children, I know some can’t but I do try to give him most of the time I have spare. I suppose my job does let me as well.

So I work in the morning from 8:30 -14:30 the rest of the day is for him. When he is taking a nap which at the minute they are lasting between an hour or two, that’s when I study law, or wedding planning, personal assistant course or even mess about looking at other blogs.  I also clean when he’s napping unless he’s napping on me, which he currently is due to his teeth coming out.
I don’t work weekends so my weekends are also for him, I try to not do any studying, just play time and play trips.
A big plus is that I have the help of my mother, without her I wouldn’t know what to do.

Apart from that I am a little disappointed because the masquerade ball wont happen, at least not yet. Too little time to plan a proper thing so now we have made plans to make a christmas lunch and a secret santa. At least its something. Anyways, apart from that there has been nothing interesting going on this week just a lot of paperwork.


As always Thank you for reading!!

I’ve Done it

I have finally sat down and drafted a weekly schedule to write on here, it was about time.
I needed to since there are so many things going on at the minute, I was able to fit in everything nicely and now I even have more time to do my wedding planning.
Gosh, what a little agenda can do for a human being. It is a must.

I have a new idea for an event, I will start planning a masquerade ball before Christmas, so that should be exciting. I have to get my thinking hat on and get a moodboard and start booking suppliers. Little ideas here and there  make you go from the bottom to the top, like everything, it takes time.

Brain Fart Alert!

I must admit, I never understood why people said life is a journey, I guess that when you are small, you don’t pay too much attention to what is going on, so I admire people who has had it all figured out since I’ve just started to. I don’t know how you guys would call it but I have been lucky or blessed or have been attracting good opportunities my way lately, and I am glad that I’ll have you to share it with.
I might not know you guys but I will share every step of the way until I finally reach my goal. It will take time but at least now I’m getting the base, a feel of what is to come and I am super excited.

I will keep you guys posted with progress on the ball.

Thank you for reading!

Well It’s been a while.

I must admit, I haven’t made time to sit down and write on my blog and honestly I needed to.

A few things have happened recently, so I will have to organise myself better.
Apart from the Wedding Planning course I am doing, as you know, I am also studying for Personal Assistant, and now an new one has fallen onto my lap, which is related to where I am currently working, I will be trained to be a Paralegal.

In case you guys are not familiar, A paralegal is an individual, qualified by education, training or work experience who is employed or retained by a lawyer, law office, corporation, governmental agency or other entity and who performs specifically delegated substantive legal work for which a lawyer is responsible.
So now my schedule has gotten much busier, I really do need to sit down and plan it all.

I have also been in collaboration with some ladies, in order to do a lifestyle blog. This should be interesting, it will be all in Spanish though, so if you guys know any Spanish I invite you go ahead and have a look, if not, you can always look at the pretty pictures.

Anyway that is all I got for now, hopefully next time I write it will be because I have all my planning done and I will have writing on my blog as a weekly thing rather than when I remember I have one.

Thank you for reading!



So little time! 

So I almost let May pass without saying a word! Truth be told I have been super busy this month. I recently got a job, not in the planning business but it’s something I can use when I do. Anyways my time schedule is not so hard but the little free time I have left I use to spend time with my baby boy and when he is sleeping I study. I have started a new course, so now I will be doing 2 courses, hopefully I’ll be able to finish them this year. 

I  am currently working at a small firm in administration, let’s say I swim in papers everyday haha. But it’s fun, I get to meet a lot of people. 

Anyways I better get back to it! This was just as small update as what is going on in my life at the minute. Regarding Instagram, I’ve been posting weekly which gives me the excuse to put up 50+ In one day so I don’t flood everyone’s feed. If that’s is not working and you’d like to see more, leave a comment 😀 

Thank you for reading! 

So you have been chosen to be a maid of honor.

First of all, it’s been a while. I’ve been quite busy lately, trying to get my sons christening ready and trying to find an outfit, now I have everything all I have to do is wait. 

Back to what this post is about! When you are chosen to be a maid of honor and this is completely new for you. What are the things that you should do? Well as I was browsing through some wedding pages I found this handy checklist of what tasks the maid of honor should do. It’s pretty much all there and doesn’t need much explaining, in my opinion it’s pretty handy. All credit for it is on the picture itself so I’m glad I found it and I’m able to share it with you all. 

Thanks for reading