Well It’s been a while.

I must admit, I haven’t made time to sit down and write on my blog and honestly I needed to.

A few things have happened recently, so I will have to organise myself better.
Apart from the Wedding Planning course I am doing, as you know, I am also studying for Personal Assistant, and now an new one has fallen onto my lap, which is related to where I am currently working, I will be trained to be a Paralegal.

In case you guys are not familiar, A paralegal is an individual, qualified by education, training or work experience who is employed or retained by a lawyer, law office, corporation, governmental agency or other entity and who performs specifically delegated substantive legal work for which a lawyer is responsible.
So now my schedule has gotten much busier, I really do need to sit down and plan it all.

I have also been in collaboration with some ladies, in order to do a lifestyle blog. This should be interesting, it will be all in Spanish though, so if you guys know any Spanish I invite you go ahead and have a look, if not, you can always look at the pretty pictures.

Anyway that is all I got for now, hopefully next time I write it will be because I have all my planning done and I will have writing on my blog as a weekly thing rather than when I remember I have one.

Thank you for reading!



So little time! 

So I almost let May pass without saying a word! Truth be told I have been super busy this month. I recently got a job, not in the planning business but it’s something I can use when I do. Anyways my time schedule is not so hard but the little free time I have left I use to spend time with my baby boy and when he is sleeping I study. I have started a new course, so now I will be doing 2 courses, hopefully I’ll be able to finish them this year. 

I  am currently working at a small firm in administration, let’s say I swim in papers everyday haha. But it’s fun, I get to meet a lot of people. 

Anyways I better get back to it! This was just as small update as what is going on in my life at the minute. Regarding Instagram, I’ve been posting weekly which gives me the excuse to put up 50+ In one day so I don’t flood everyone’s feed. If that’s is not working and you’d like to see more, leave a comment 😀 

Thank you for reading! 

So you have been chosen to be a maid of honor.

First of all, it’s been a while. I’ve been quite busy lately, trying to get my sons christening ready and trying to find an outfit, now I have everything all I have to do is wait. 

Back to what this post is about! When you are chosen to be a maid of honor and this is completely new for you. What are the things that you should do? Well as I was browsing through some wedding pages I found this handy checklist of what tasks the maid of honor should do. It’s pretty much all there and doesn’t need much explaining, in my opinion it’s pretty handy. All credit for it is on the picture itself so I’m glad I found it and I’m able to share it with you all. 

Thanks for reading  


What to put in the emergency kit

  1. Aspirin (or pain reliever of choice)
  2. Band aids 
  3. Chalk ( to cover up any last minute smudges or smears on your dress) 
  4. Clear nail polish (for stocking runs) 
  5. Corsage pins 
  6. Dental floss/toothpicks 
  7. Eye drops 
  8. Extra earrings backs 
  9. extra pantyhose 
  10. Hair pins 
  11. Hand towelettes 
  12. Hem tape
  13. Mini sewing kit 
  14. Safety pins
  15. Scotch tape 
  16. Small scissors 
  17. Spot remover 
  18. Static-cling spray 
  19. Straws ( so the bride can stay hydrated without messing up her lipstick )
  20. Tissues 
  21. Bottles water
  22. Tweezers 

You can adjust the list to your liking and can give it to one of your bridesmaids to be in charge of it. 

Thanks for reading 

Planning your own wedding? 

So I know that not everyone can afford a wedding planner to plan their whole  wedding, so I will guide you in some easy steps you can follow. However this takes a lot of organisation so in suggest you get a hand on a planner or create your own.  

So here it’s how it goes:

12-16 Months before the wedding 

  • Chose a wedding date
  • Start a wedding folder
  • Work out your budget
  • Discuss formality and style of the wedding
  • Start writing the guest list 
  • Select ceremony location
  • Select reception site 
  • Put engagement announcement on local paper (optional) 
  • Start shopping for a wedding gown
  • Hire a wedding consultant 

8-10 Months before the wedding 

  • Select bridal party
  • Secure wedding officiant 
  • Hire reception carterer 
  • Contact photographer and/or vidiographer 
  • Hire a band or DJ
  • Decide on bridesmaids dresses
  • Sign up for gift registry 
  • Start compiling name and addresses for guest list 
  • Engagement party 

5-7 Months before the wedding 

  • Finalise guest list 
  • Shop for wedding stationary 
  • Arrange accommodations (if applicable) 
  • Select wedding cake 
  • Begin preparations for honeymoon 

4 Months before the wedding 

  • Book florist 
  • Shop for wedding bands 
  • Visit physician 

3 Months before the wedding

  • Send out invitations 
  • Select tuxedo 
  • Arrange for rental of items 
  • Discuss finalised menu options and costs with carterer 
  • Arrange transportation / limousine services
  • Order wedding favours 
  • Shop for bridal party gifts 
  • Begin any necessary counselling with wedding officiant 

2 Months before the wedding 

  • Choose wedding music
  • Select location for rehearsal dinner 
  • Confirm with local wear shop 
  • Schedule alterations 
  • Schedule fittings for the bridesmaids and flower girl 
  • Confirm order with florist 
  • Order address labels with couples new address and names (this is optional but it adds a personal touch when you send out thank you notes) 

1 Month before the wedding 

  • Sewing wedding programs
  • Apply for marriage licence 
  • Have final gown fitting 
  • Chose all wedding accessories 
  • Visit hair stylist 
  • Visit make-up artist 
  • Get hair and make-up done and have formal bridal portraits done 
  • Discuss and finalise details with wedding service providers 

2 Weeks before the wedding

  • Call any non RSVP guests 
  • Give carterer finalised head count 
  • Pick up marriage license
  • Give DJ or band a list of songs 
  • Confirm rehearsal plans 
  • Obtain any legal information 
  • Complete floor and seating plan
  • Confirm all rental and floral delivery dates and times 
  • Confirm arrival time for all attendants 
  • Check parking arrangements 

1 Week before the wedding

  • Make any last minute seating adjustment 
  • Organise weddingday attire 
  • Confirm honeymoon reservation 
  • Confirm reservation for out of town guests 
  • Pack for honeymoon 
  • Pick up passports (if applicable)
  • Gather all necessary documents for travel 
  • Confirm rehearsal plan with attendants 
  • Confirm reservation for rehearsal dinner 
  • Pick up formal wear 
  • Check with the photographer the shot list 
  • Break in your shoes 

1 Day before the wedding 

  •  Go through list of things to do and make sure all bases are covered 
  • Pack weddingday emergency kit 
  • Get manicure and pedicure 
  • Take a relaxing bath 
  • Put weddingn attire and accessories together 
  • Give rings to best man 
  • Try to get a good night’s sleep

Wedding day 

  • Eat something, avoid caffeine and sugar
  • Get hair and makeup done 
  • Have someone check reception site 
  • Dress for wedding 
  • Have photos taken with family

After the honeymoon 

  • Have wedding gown and bouquet reserved 
  • Write thank you notes
  • Change name 

This is pretty much how it goes. If you want to know what goes in the wedding emergency kit, stay tuned it will be my next post. 

Like always thanks for reading! 

Snow White

What are the essentials to have a Snow White themed bridal shower? It’s all about the colour scheme and props. This theme does not go towards the Disney version so if you want to go for this look is best to stay away from any Disney style props. In the picture below you can see it’s all about red and white. Emphasis on the sweets table, this is where you’ll be able to represent the famous “poisoned apples”. All the sweets can have the same red and white decoration.  

As for the actual party decoration, if it’s going to be a small gathering I suggest you bring out the silverware and make it look like a kings meal since it’s what goes with the theme, if it’s going to be a big gathering then I suggest to bring out the finger foods, anything that you know you can shape and decorate to look like food from the time, different style canapés for example. For props go for things that look from a magical snow forest with a dash of red here and there. White branches, lights, dangling stones 

I will like to let you know that I do not own these pictures and I got them from this blog http://www.blog.zuckermonarchie.de/styled-wedding-shooting-schneewittchen/  

Its been a while

Hey there readers,
Surprisingly I have been quite busy lately. Things just decided to pile up on me and I have been taking them one at a time.
Like I said I have plans for this blog of mine, I am currently studying to become a Wedding Planner, so that has kept me a little busy.
On top of that add taking care of a 8 month old baby has its toll, who knew they were so active and to imagine its just the start, but that is another matter.

I have currently reached out to a friend of mine who lives nearby who is a professional Event Planner, so I have jumped on board on my first event. It is definitely not a wedding but its a start and welcome to the business. At least I will have a taste of how it all works.

I have also started a new instagram account which I have filled with a lot of information for those that are planning a wedding yourself or have a friend that is. Its basically just a board of ideas if you’d like to check it out.

I am also planning my sons Christening and Birthday party, yep two totally different parties. Better start now that I still have a little free time on my hands 😀
For anyone out there, thanks for reading!

Throw back Thursday

I was looking through some old pictures I had taken and I came across a digital painting I did a long while back. Its one of my favorites and I would like to share it with you all. I normally don’t put up drawings that I have made since sometimes I feel kind of embarrassed to share but oh well here it goes.
It’s just a flower but looking at it for some reason makes me feel peaceful, maybe it has to do with who I drew it for and the state of mind I had when I did it. Any who hope you like it and please leave a comment on what you think.

Flower in Pink

Thanks for reading

Happy New Year

Lets start with a Happy New year to you all. I hope you’ve all had wonderful holidays.
I still have that pending project but I have misplaced my cameras usb cable and now trying to find it to import the pictures in my desktop, such a hassle. I guess having to take care of a tiny human makes your brain sort of a mess.
I shall tell you all that I’ve had a change of heart of what this blog is about since I know exactly what I shall use it for. What will it be? Well its a surprise of course.
I don’t know if any out there is reading this but my goal for this year and hopefully I will manage to achieve it, is to inspire at least one person, that’s all I ask for. Its not much but for me it would be the world. I also hope to have a weekly session with my computer in order to keep posting. 2015 should be the year to change, yes everyone says that but in order for change you have to change yourself for the better first. Sorry I’m rambling here. Anyways
I wish you all a wonderful year and lets hope its the best one yet!

Thanks for reading!

Working on it

My most recent project…Christmas. Which I suppose would be for a lot of people. Since where I live it’s not easy to get everything I needed, I’ve had to run around from one town to another to get everything. I’m still missing some bits and bobs but hopefully I’ll have it up soon, in the mean time have a sneak peek.
Happy holidays to everyone